Counseling for Women

Counseling and therapy for women in Chesapeake Virginia
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 Counseling and Therapy for Women in Chesapeake Virginia

Women’s Mental Health is multilayered and complex and Humanitas Counseling in Chesapeake, Virginia takes this into consideration! By nature, women are caretakers. However, in caring for everyone else, you can easily lose sight of yourself and what you want from life. When you take on the different life roles of mother, career woman, sister, daughter, (and the list could go on!), it can cause you to lose sight of who you are and who you want to be. When you lose sight of who you are, it only aids in feeling depressed and anxious.

Rachel Ann Dine, LPC recognizes this process and specializes in helping women reconnect with themselves and renew a spirit that feels depleted and exhausted.

Rachel Ann is a Licensed Professional Counselor and specifically designed her therapy practice to focus on counseling and therapy for women in the Chesapeake, Virginia and surrounding areas! Therapy with Rachel Ann is from a strength based and empowerment focused approach.

How do I know I need help?

Women’s Issues Rachel Ann Dine, LPC is skilled in helping you work through

Take a look below to assess if any of these characteristics have occurred or are occurring in your life.  Rachel Ann has become specialized in providing therapy and counseling for women, just like you, who may be:

  • feeling ANXIOUS or unsure of self
  • experiencing SADNESS without fully understanding why
  • having RELATIONSHIP STRUGGLES-either choosing the wrong partner (someone who is emotionally unavailable, unfaithful, or abusive) or engaging in an affair because of unhappiness
  • wanting independence but struggling with being in a codependent relationship
  • assuming the role of OVER ACHIEVER or extreme CAREGIVER which in turn causes you stress and feeling overwhelmed
  • feeling GUILT over taking any time for yourself
  • constantly feeling like you MUST make and keep others happy, even when it means putting your own needs aside
  • assuming the ROLE OF FAMILY MEDIATOR while growing up, where you felt as if you had to be the family referee, constantly hearing everyone’s grievances while remaining neutral so as not to upset anyone
  • feeling OVERLY RESPONSIBLE for yourself growing up, almost as if you had to parent yourself
  • are either NEW to counseling or have tried before without success due to feeling uninspired by your previous counselor or not connecting on a CORE level

Do any of these traits resonate with you? If the answer is yes, then why not start living a more empowered life? Rachel Ann wants to help you live authentically and experience the freedom that comes from knowing exactly who you are and living life in a way that is healthy to YOU!

A Focus on Empowering Women

Be empowered to be your authentic self

 Just because you have felt like you had to live a certain life role or have lost sight of who you are, does not mean it is too late to make changes and reconnect with yourself..

Rachel Ann is here to help the open-minded woman who seeks understanding of self and has motivation to achieve clarity in life. To help the woman who desperately wants to reconnect with who she is and who she wants to be and desires to make important connections between past and present behaviors. Rachel Ann is here to help the woman who tries to make everyone else happy but over time, has lost sight of what SHE needs to feel happy and whole.

The woman that looks like she has it all together but knows deep down that she needs an outlet to just BE.

Counseling and therapy for women in Chesapeake Virginia

Be nurtured and nurture yourself. 

Get started today!

Ready to schedule now?  click here to self-schedule a time that works for you or call the office at 757-739-6771. Rachel Ann cannot wait to help you feel empowered to live a life that feels authentic to YOU.

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