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Counselor in Chesapeake, Virginia

Experienced and passionate about helping you find balance in life

Counselor in Chesapeake, Virginia

Counselor in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake, Virginia, Rachel Ann Dine welcomes you to Humanitas Counseling.  Rachel Ann specializes in empowering women, teens, and men who have anxiety & perfectionistic tendencies to feel healthy and find balance in life using a holistic and solution-focused style of counseling.

With 14 years in the mental health field, Rachel Ann has developed a counseling style that is geared towards helping you live authentically and better manage anxiety. Rachel Ann seeks to help you set goals, examine the mind/body/spirit connection, and learn to watch (and change!) self-talk that may be negative or limiting.

Solution-focused  yet also a huge believer in the power of traditional, client-centered talk therapy (providing you with a safe space to share about past/present hurts and difficulties), Rachel Ann seeks to help clients regain a more self-compassionate perspective to live a life that feels more balanced and fulfilling.

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Background and Professional Experiences

Counselor in Chesapeake

Originally from Pensacola, Florida, Rachel Ann graduated with honors and received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology/English from the University of West Florida. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida and a Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia.

Rachel Ann began her work in the mental health field in 2005, becoming trained in Rogerian, client-centered counseling techniques to assist members of the community who called the crisis hotline in Pensacola. This crisis work experience solidified her passion for helping people work through difficulties and was the driving force for further education and dedication to improving the mental health of men, women, and teens.

Other professional experience includes: residential and acute inpatient psychiatric hospital at the state and community level (West Florida Community Care Center and Baptist Behavioral Medicine in Florida), military and family life counseling in the Virginia Beach school system, Medication Assisted Treatment Center in Pensacola, and behavioral health support in the Emergency Department at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters. Rachel Ann has been named a subject matter expert on Oppositional Defiant Disorder and child psychiatric disorders, writing courses for hospital staff.

Rachel Ann is a frequent contributor to local and national publications in addition to being a frequently asked public speaker at local conferences and organizations. She recently authored her first women’s wellness self-help book entitled Live. Learn. Love. Real-talk tips for the woman who is ready to be her best self available on Amazon.Mental health counseling in Chesapeake Virginia

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As a subset of her practice, Rachel Ann Dine, LPC, is also a Qualified Supervisor in the state of Virginia with ability to supervise Residents in Counseling. Please call 757-739-6771 to schedule an interview with Rachel Ann. Rates can be found here.

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Counselor in Chesapeake, Virginia

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