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Counselor in Chesapeake, Virginia

Experienced and passionate about helping you find balance in life


Counselor in Chesapeake, Virginia
I want to help you create authentic joy in your life! Joy that comes from having inner peace and knowing that you really are enough. Call 757-739-6771 or contact me today, I cannot wait to support you and be alongside on your journey! Rachel Ann Dine, LPC

Hi! I’m Rachel Ann Dine, Licensed Professional Counselor in Chesapeake, Virginia and advocate all things that empower women, teens, and couples to feel healthy and balanced! I recognize how life can become overwhelming and focus on helping you to set boundaries and become who you want to be. Authentic living and mind/body/spirit wellness is a huge focus in my practice. When we live life according to who we really are-confidence, self-worth, and empowerment all increase. Who doesn’t want to live life as their best self?!

Therapy Style and Philosophy

We’re all in this thing called life together

When you meet with me, you will find someone who is non-judgmental and down to earth. No topic is off limits and if you want to bring something up, I’m here to help. Chronic perfectionism, people pleasing, anxiety, sadness you cannot explain, relationship issues, recovering from miscarriage, and difficulty expressing emotions are issues I have most strength in. We will create a plan, complete with specific techniques and strategies to help you work through what you are experiencing. When you come in to work with me, it is a collaborative approach and I am in it with you! We are all in this thing called life together so I cannot convey enough how important it is for you to feel supported.

Background and Professional Experiences

Originally from Pensacola, FL, I received my undergraduate Psychology/English degree from the University of West Florida. I went immediately into UWF’s graduate program in Counseling Psychology. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida and a Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia. My work in the mental health field began in 2005, volunteering at the crisis hotline in Pensacola where my passion for helping people work through crises and difficulties was solidified. Since then, I have continued to dedicate my career to helping others!

My professional experience includes: residential and acute inpatient psychiatric hospital, military and family life counseling, substance abuse treatment center, outpatient clinic, crisis hotline, and the Emergency Department at CHKD. I am a subject matter expert on Oppositional Defiant Disorder and child psychiatric disorders, writing courses for hospital staff.

A Focus on YOU and your needs

Attending therapy and coaching sessions can be a vulnerable experience.
The potential feelings of vulnerability are recognized from the moment that you meet me-your emotional safety is one of my top priorities.
If you don’t feel safe to share, how can we begin to start the process of healing from past hurts and make new, positive changes? I, myself, am a private person so I certainly understand that sharing and asking for help can be hard. I want to help you feel safe and supported wherever you may be in your life journey! I’ve structured my entire therapeutic approach to be sensitive and supportive of your needs and the pace you want to open up. No pushy personality here-your experience should be unique to YOU. I sensitively meet you where you are in wanting to open up.

Get Started Today

Counselor in Chesapeake, Virginia

Please call me with any questions you may have! Very happy to be here providing counseling to the Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk community. Reach me by calling 757-739-6771 to set up an appointment, OR if you have already felt a connection and would like to schedule an appointment, online self-scheduling is available through clicking here.

Looking forward to meeting you and empowering you to renew your spirit and reconnect with who you are!

Be well,

Rachel Ann Dine

Counselor in Chesapeake, Virginia


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