Teen Counseling

Counseling for teens in Chesapeake Virginia

Counseling for Teens in Chesapeake Virginia

Specializing in Teen Mental Health

Rachel Ann Dine, LPC provides specialized counseling for teens in Chesapeake, Virginia and surrounding areas who may be experiencing depression, anger, and or anxiety. Counseling for teens has become essential to help teens learn the coping skills in dealing with their emotions. Does your teenage son or daughter suffer from low self esteem, poor body image, or depression? Have you noticed that he/she is moody and irritable but won’t open up to you? Have you noticed defiant behavior and poor choices in friendships and relationships?

As a parent, it can very difficult to know what is happening with your child and how to help. High school and middle school in this day present challenges that are unique to the current generation of teens and pre-teens, especially with the presence of social media.

Teen Depression and Anxiety 

We know that teen depression and anxiety is on the rise. Your son or daughter may be craving independence but also greatly needing support from an outside source who is neutral and skilled in helping them figure out difficult emotions and experiences.

Many times teens do not know how to handle this sudden influx of emotions and freedom that comes with getting older and taking on more responsibility. Rachel Ann is here to help both you and your son or daughter work through these issues. Rachel Ann’s therapeutic style is down to earth and she offers realistic techniques in a relatable way!

What to expect from counseling

A delicate balance of ensured confidentiality and family involvement

When working with teens, it is so important for them to know they have a confidential outlet to express themselves separate from family and friends, however, Rachel Ann wants to keep you informed and will at times, ask that both parents and child meet together so that everyone can be on the same page. 


Counseling for teens in Chesapeake Virginia

A Different Approach to Helping Teens

The teens Rachel Ann works with often enjoy her therapeutic approach. She utilizes art therapy for self expression in addition to a set of skills based training and traditional talk therapy. Her goal is to help your son or daughter feel heard and able to express themselves! 

With all of the changes that may be occurring in your son’s or daughter’s life, please reach out and allow Rachel Ann to help support both you and your family in the most caring of ways. Rachel Ann is extremely passionate about working with pre-teens and teens ages 12 years and older.

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After school session times ARE available.

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Counseling for teens in Chesapeake Virginia

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