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Rates for Counseling and Mental Health Therapy

Does Humanitas Counseling and Consulting, LLC accept insurance?

Rachel Ann accepts Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Health insurance for your mental health counseling and therapy appointments, in addition to being a self-pay provider. For self-pay clients, Rachel Ann will happily provide an insurance reimbursement form for you to submit to your insurance provider for possible partial or full reimbursement.

*Anthem insurance clients: Upon completion of the intake packet which is sent to you after scheduling, Rachel Ann will verify your insurance information. Co-payment is due at time of session.

What are the benefits in being a self-pay client? In not accepting insurance, we have the ability to create a plan for our work together that is truly authentic and FREE from being dictated by what an insurance carrier believes that you need. Your records are kept between you and Rachel Ann, and we have the freedom to meet as often as you need to.

Confidentiality + Freedom = An authentic space for you to be you.


Self-Pay Fee Range

Rates for Counseling and Mental Health Therapy

Adult counseling sessions: $115, 60 minutes.

Pre-teen and teen counseling sessions: $90, 60 minutes.

Couples and or family counseling sessions: $170, 60 minutes. 

* Rachel Ann does offer active duty military and dependents discounted rates for adults and has limited sliding fee scale appointments. Please contact Rachel Ann for more information on rates.

Supervision Rates for Residents in Counseling

Individual Supervision, 1 hour: $85

Group Supervision, 1 hour: $50 per session


Humanitas Counseling and Consulting, LLC accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover) and payment is expected at time of service. Cash or check are also accepted forms of payment.

*If you would like to receive possible partial or full reimbursement from your insurance carrier by submitting a claim directly to them, please request a super bill at the time of your appointment.

Cancellations and No Shows

No shows and late cancellations will be charged the full service fee at time of scheduled appointment unless the 24 hour cancellation notice has been given. Humanitas Counseling and Consulting, LLC recognizes that changes in schedule will come up, however, asks that you provide 24 hours of notice so that the appointment time may be opened up for someone else that may be in need of counseling.

Legal Issues and or Consultation with other Providers

If you request a report be written for another medical provider/school/employment concerning your mental health needs, there is a $75 fee per page due to time needed in preparation and review of records.

Fee schedule for legal issues is as follows:

  1. Preparation Time (including submission of records): $200/hr (billable in 15 minute increments)
  2. Phone calls: $100/hr (billable in 15 minute increments)
  3. Depositions: $250/hour
  4. Time required in Giving Testimony: $250/hour
  5. If I am excused from providing in person testimony and instead a written report/treatment summary, fee for treatment summary/report(s) will be billed at $125 per report, additional $75 per page if exceeds 2 pages.
  6. Time away from Office due to Depositions or Testimony: $200/hour
  7. All attorney fees and costs that are incurred by the therapist as a result of the legal action.
  8. Filing document with the court: $100
  9. The minimum charge for a court appearance: $1500

A non-refundable retainer of $1500 is due at least 48 business hours before the scheduled court appearance or when a trial date has been set, and expectation of payment for additional days of testimony needed is due prior to appearing.

If a subpoena or notice to meet attorney(s) is received without a minimum of 48-hour notice there will be an additional $250 “express” charge.

The remainder of the costs will be billed after the court appearance and will be due upon receipt.

If subpoenaed and the case is reset with less than 48 business hours notice prior to the beginning of the day of the scheduled subpoena, trial, and/or the testimony is not given, then the client will be charged $500 (in addition to original retainer of $1500 for having to appear in court).

If the therapist is scheduled to go out of town and must appear at court, all fees are doubled.

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