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The door to empowerment and self awareness can be open today! Call Rachel Ann 757-739-6771 to set up your appointment.

Welcome to Humanitas Counseling and Consulting, LLC, a place for mental health  counseling and wellness coaching counseling in Chesapeake, Virginia!

You may be thinking, do I need help? Are my problems serious enough for counseling? Or maybe you know that whatever is occurring in your life is preventing you from being who you want to be and causing you immense pain. In either situation, counseling and coaching are extremely helpful in gaining clarity and achieving self-awareness. 

The clients I am best suited to work with have a repeat pattern of:

  • RELATIONSHIP STRUGGLES, either choosing the wrong partner or not recognizing early warning signs of abuse until the relationship has become abusive
  • being an OVER ACHIEVER or extreme CAREGIVER which in turn causes them stress and feeling overwhelmed
  • constantly feeling like a PEOPLE PLEASER, even when it means putting their own needs to the side to make others happy or “keep the peace”
  • assuming the ROLE OF FAMILY MEDIATOR while growing up, where maybe they felt as if they had to be the family referee, constantly hearing everyone’s grievances while remaining neutral so as not to upset anyone
  • feeling OVERLY RESPONSIBLE for themselves growing up, almost as if they had to parent themselves
  • are either NEW to counseling or have tried before without success because the therapist “just didn’t get me” or “I didn’t feel heard”
  • and are MOTIVATED and open to learn about themselves.

If these factors resonate with you, then #1, I appreciate your ability to be self aware, and #2 welcome, you are in the right place to be heard and have your spirit feel renewed! Often times, men and women that have fallen into the above roles and characteristics, do not realize how being that over achiever, people pleaser can take a toll on you and it is through our work together that clarity is achieved.

Personalities and “life roles” begin to develop when we are children, and if you were always the family peacemaker or “good child” it’s no wonder that these facets of who you had to be growing up, have carried on into adulthood. My job is to empower you to not only FEEL healthy but LIVE an authentic life that feeds your soul and is HEALTHY FOR YOU!

Just because you have felt like you had to live a certain life role up until today, doesn’t mean that you cannot change it…

When we develop a perfectionistic, over achieving attitude, it’s often a result of either trying to make everyone else happy, or prove our worth when in reality, we are already enough. I’ve been helping men and women take charge of their lives for 10 years now and never tire of supporting them in their journey. 

If you’re feeling like you need to keep doing it all or just aren’t doing enough, yet can’t help but feel tired and emotionally drained everyday, don’t hesitate anymore-give me a call today and let me support you.

Humanitas Counseling and Consulting, LLC office location is easily accessible to the Hampton Roads communities of Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk. Click here for directions.

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The mission statement of Humanitas Counseling and Consulting, LLC is: Empowering you to be kind to yourself and others through making healthy choices that work for your life.

When we realize what our boundaries are (and that it’s OKAY to set them), achieve a higher level of self-awareness and self-confidence, the result is a renewed spirit where you feel motivated to take charge of your life! 

I cannot wait to meet with you and share my enthusiasm for empowering you to live a life that honors who you truly are.

Be well,

Rachel Ann

Humanitas Counseling and Consulting, LLC

816 Greenbriar Circle, Suite 209

Chesapeake, VA 23320